Book Review | The Lost 3 days of my life

Author: Bhagyashri Daryani
Publication date: 1st Jan 2019
Page: 112
Price: Rs.90 ( Available in Amazon)

Do you believe in true love?
Well I do after reading “The lost 3 days on my life”. Life is an ongoing journey, the destination of which is unknown. In this journey, we meet a lot of people. Some of them stick by us, and some leave when their role is done. But even after they leave us, the lessons they taught remains with us, becoming a part of us, of who we are.

The Lost 3 Days of My Life is a romance novel which will bring smile in your face instantly. First of all I want to say that I was really curious to know what happened in those lost 3 days of the girl’s (Riya) life. The story starts with a bunch of  high schoolers trying to figure out their lives. When Riya, the protagonist gets selected for the National Level Debate Competetion, she didn’t knew what awaited her in The Tigerwood College in Nainital. It was love at first sight. Riya and Aaryan, they both have equal feelings for each other but what are they going to do after those 3 days are over? Get back to there hometown and carry on with their life. Because life goes on.

Riya’s life goes on but she never forgets Aaryan hoping she would meet him again. The story of lost love and the hope to find one’s love back will motivate one to read the whole story. And then the day comes when Riya gets an email which changes her life. The story is engaging from the very beginning and the title is intriguing.

Riya, the protagonist seems very much real, someone we can very easily relate to. She is a sweet girl who is ambitious and is full of life. While reading this story the reader will find themselves being motivated by her in many ways.

Will she find her love back and what does the email says that changes her life? What will happen to her life? There are a lot of questions that arises while reading the story but the story has a soul satisfying happy ending and a must read for every romance lovers. To find out grab a copy right now. It’s available on Amazon. ❤

Rating: 4/5

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