Book Review | The Text

Book: The Text
Author: Claire Douglas
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 45 pages
Publisher: Penguin (31 August 2017)
Language: English
Genre: Short Story, Suspense, Crime

A single text changed her life. Did it end his?

Think before you wish for something because it might come true. The story revolves around a text message and the sudden death of a person. A single text, and that will change Emily’s life forever. Emily Latimer is furious because her boss Andrew just said that she might not get a leave for vacation to visit Edinburgh with her boyfriend. She waited long for this vacation and hearing the statement of her boss made her furious and in the heat of rage she types a text to send it to Stuart, her boyfriend but in haste, she accidentally sends it to the office group.

The text was a death wish. In it she said that Andrew was being difficult about letting her have some time off for the vacation. She was angry and that she hopes her boss dies. But when she realises what she had done, it was too late. Everyone in the office got the message and now she was even more terrified. The next day when she goes to office, no one believes her even when she says that it was the autocorrect which changed “does” to “dies”.

But the story takes a dark turn when Emily’s boss Andrew doesn’t turns up in the office the next day and the police informs that he is dead. Andrew is murdered and that too on the same night she has sent the text. And just after that she receives a text saying “You wanted him dead. Your wish is my command”. Then who murdered Amdrew? Is the person someone Emily knows? If not then who?

The author has perfectly made this 45 pages short story a gripping thriller with perfect blend of twist and turns that would keep the reader on the edges till the last page. I was amazed by those twists and turns, contained in a forty-five page story but I was also a little bit disappointed by the abrupt ending. The only drawback of the story that I felt was lack of characterisation. There were many characters who were present but didn’t get much details. I loved the cover and the title perfectly fits the storyline.

Title – 4/5
Cover – 4/5
Language – 3.5/5
Writing skills – 3.5/5
Storyline – 3/5
Narration – 3.5/5
Portrayal of characters – 3/5

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